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Rowayton Yacht Club

The Yacht Club at Hickory Bluff was established in 1986 by a group of Rowayton residents with the goal of preserving local maritime heritage and safeguarding access to Long Island Sound. Their endeavors culminated in the formation of a club structured as a common interest community, in adherence to the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act.

Situated in Wilson Cove in Norwalk, Connecticut, with an eastern vista encompassing Tavern and Sheffield Islands, the Club offers convenient proximity to these islands and the expansive waters of Long Island Sound.

Members hold ownership of units comprising of individual storage lockers, coupled with a stake in the common areas, encompassing buildings, waterfront facilities, piers, launches, and assorted watercraft.

The club places primary emphasis on recreational boating. While the majority of moorings accommodate vessels with shoal drafts, a limited number of deep-water moorings are also available. Additionally, a launch ramp is conveniently situated on-site.

Standard reciprocal privileges with other yacht clubs are extended to members of the Rowayton Yacht Club at Hickory Bluff through its affiliation with the Yachting Club of America.

Club Amenities

  • Large mooring field for shoal draft and deep draft vessels
  • Launch service
  • Rowboats available for after-hours mooring access
  • Ice and Water on the North Pier
  • Clubhouse with outdoor deck and patio
  • Indoor and outdoor toilet facilities
  • South Pier for alfresco meals and private parties
  • Gas grills
  • Picnic areas
  • Protected sandy beach with swim float
  • Indoor and outdoor showers
  • Small boat rack storage during season for kayaks & SUP
  • Small boat launching ramp

Becoming a Member

Each unit is individually owned by a club member, and it's up to the current owner to find a buyer or arrange a rental. Our website's purpose is to make this process easy by helping prospective buyers or renters connect with each other. Our friendly club staff and/or board members are always delighted to give tours and answer any questions potential members may have.  Please contact us at the below email address or phone number to schedule a visit.



Have a look at the Units for Rent page to see what units are available for rent. 

When the owner and a renter form an agreement, then both parties must complete and sign the 2024 Rental Agreement.  Please be sure you read this agreement and note that rentals are limited  to 2 years. 

Contact the Club Manager, Norm Edwards, if there are any questions or if you need help with completing this process.


Have a look at the Units for Sale page to see what units are available for sale. 

When the owner and a buyer have agreed the terms, the following documents will need to be downloaded and filled-in to initiate the sale.  

If you need further assistance please email and we will help guide you through the process.