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Rowayton Yacht Club at Hickory Bluff started life as a small bait and tackle shop that rented moorings and small wooden rowboats. Many Rowayton children of the 1950s, 60s and 70s spent their summers on the beach or in the Hickory Bluff store buying ice cream cones.

In 1986 the owners, Bill and Grace Valentine, who had owned and operated the property since the 1950s, decided it was time to retire and offered the property to the Sixth Taxing District of Norwalk for use as a public boating facility. A referendum was held. The proposition was voted down.

It was then that a group of nine local residents decided to preserve the land and the maritime heritage by organizing a boat club and purchasing the property. They envisioned a waterfront Club that would preserve the character of the original Hickory Bluff Store and maintain open access to the waterfront. This group comprised members who had either grown up using the Hickory Bluff facilities, or newer residents with the dedication and skills necessary to pull the project together.

Their tireless efforts to preserve a local landmark proved successful. On the first official unit closing day, they completed 77 closings! Shortly thereafter, the Club was fully subscribed at 125 units.

Today Rowayton Yacht Club at Hickory Bluff is structured as a common interest community in accordance with the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act. Members own units consisting of individual storage lockers along with an interest in the common areas including buildings, waterfront, piers, launches and sundry watercraft.